Creating ‘Digital and Distant’ Content

In any ‘normal’ year we are asked by North Notts Lit Fest to bring spaces and stories to life. We have had the pleasure of creating immersive experiences such as ‘Bonnets to Breeches’, telling the story of the Clumber Park land girls in 2018 to a walkabout production of ‘Wind in the Willows’ in 2019. 



This year, as if we all need reminding, has been different. The North Notts Lit Fest had to go digital and distant for 2020. Liz Carney-Marsh, the Literary Ambassador for Bassetlaw, zoomed (a verb we have all become familiar with) in July to task us in creating a series of videos that gave the same sense of place, engagement and fun that we would normally achieve through live performance but moving to a digital and distanced online festival. They also had to fit within the 2020 theme of journeys. 

Fun is always the key word that clients use when they involve TaleGate in any project. Our creative solutions often give a sense of community and engagement in the topic from groups whom wouldn’t naturally be drawn to them. Recently we worked with Anna Scott, Mayflower 400 Officer at West Lindsey District Council on their ‘PligrimAGE’ project. 

“TaleGate Theatre are great at engaging younger audiences with their fun and irreverent approach to storytelling. By producing this online film, more people will be able to share that fun and find out a bit about Gainsborough’s role in the Pilgrims’ story”

From the brief for North Notts Lit Fest we developed a series of ‘Fantastical Journeys’. Stories take us on a journey. As readers we are guided through the experience of characters as they explore their lives on page, stage and screen. Fall down a rabbit hole, shiver at a Victorian ghost story, skip down a road of yellow brick, travel the Atlantic and ponder life’s journey. This mini series joins classic literary characters in the beginning, middle and end of their journeys.


Liz Carney-Marsh commented “Working with TaleGate is always a pleasure and their creativity knows no bounds! This year was no exception and in unprecedented times for the theatre industry they showed just why they really are one of the best at what they do. Creating a mini series of Fantastical Journeys as digital short films especially for our online festival made the week truly special! Adaptable, imaginative and a joy to work with…what’s not to love!”


Using celebrated locations within North Notts including Majestic Theatre, Scrooby Manor, The Priory and Wonderland Book Shop we were able to give that sense of locality and place that could have become lost by going online. Whilst the festival definitely went digital it can only be described as distant in spacing alone. It brought communities of North Nottinghamshire closer together in their love of literature and locality. 

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