Once Upon A Pantomime…

Our shows contain fantastic professional performers from the world of pantomime! With colourful costumes, magical sets and quality sound and lighting – You’re in for a fantastic time!

The heart warming stories are made fantastical by the TaleGate’s signature interactive take on stories. Each show includes songs, puppets and magic! What more could you want?

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Help Goldilocks and her mum, Dame Dolly Donut, save their circus and rescue the three bears from the evil ringmaster.


Help Aladdin with the help of his Mum, Widow Twankey, beat the evil Abazanzar

Panto of the Dead

Follow ‘JoJo’ as she searches for the book of the dead to free her family from the clutches of the evil VooDoo Doctor.

Father Christmas Needs a Wee!

TaleGate Theatre hit the perfect combination of witty humour, fantastic music and the extra sparkle for which they have become known in this fabulously funny and brilliantly bouncy musical adaptation of Nicholas Allan’s much loved book.

Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps

Father Christmas is back, and this time he’s had three helping of sprouts! As he tries to deliver the presents, his tummy rumbles, gurgles and groans, but Father Christmas knows he must keep it in – he doesn’t want to wake anyone up! 

The Giant’s Loo Roll

With ‘The Giant’s Loo Roll’ TaleGate Theatre Productions have yet again hit the perfect combination of witty humour, fantastic music and the extra sparkle for which they have become known in this fabulously funny and brilliantly bouncy musical adaptation of Nicholas Allan’s much loved book.

“Magic, mayhem and mince pies. They’re all here in this musical”

“Not to be missed. A very strong contender for the children’s show award this year”

“This delightfully entertaining show is a real hit with the youngsters”

“A sweet tale told with energy, enthusiasm and plenty of silliness”

"Having worked in partnership with Talegate Theatre for the past few years I've always admired their commitment professionality and enthusiasm which generates excitement amongst young people helping build confidence in embracing performance."

Lesley Hurworth Chair,
Doncaster Book Awards Ltd

Let’s make Learning Fun!

We believe in learning through fun. Using drama workshops to get on our feet to enhance the curriculum whether it’s learning the structure of a fairy tale for English Literature or working through our daily routine to understand the importance of attendance in school.

"We have had the pleasure of working with Talegate Theatre for almost ten years now, it’s a relationship we really value. We have found James to be amazingly creative; small budgets and tight deadlines don’t faze him, in fact he thrives on the challenge! James has worked with us on Christmas events, summer festivals, dramas and children’s workshops. We have commissioned Talegate Theatre to work with us on a project running until 2020 and this itself should be a ringing endorsement of how much we appreciate Talegate’s contribution to our events programme. Oh, and by the way, James is a thoroughly nice guy!"

Sandra Whittington,
Bassetlaw District Council

Do you want to DIE laughing?

Well… one of our murder mystery nights is for you! We know everything there is to know about having someone bumped off from Meet the Mafia, Cluedo, Sherlock Holmes to Murder at the Oscars. All of our evenings contain drama, thrills, laughs, action and above all our evenings are full of fun and laughter!

The police are puzzled so it’s up to your guests to solve the clues presented to them over a whirlwind three hour evening. Over a three course meal you will meet ridiculous characters that would give ‘Carry On’ a run for their money. All have a motive for murder. Guests will be jumping out of their skins as the action begins! With shocking scenes being performed between each course the acting will be done to death. The evening is rounded up with questioning and the murderer is caught and locked up before they can make a run for it.

We have years of experience so your evening will go with a bang.. or a stab… or whatever.

Want a hitman? Send us a message…

"As a primary hotel in Doncaster, The Earl Of Doncaster have been working now with James Worthington and TaleGate Theatre Productions for the past two years with them erforming Murder Mysteries and Pantomimes for us at the highest quality. From the first performance to our most recent we have seen a growth of followers and received some excellent feedback from all involved. Both from our working relationships in the past two years and my personal dealings with TaleGate in other establishment over the years I can certainly give a 11 out of 10 and highly recommend to anyone."

Ricky Horan,
The Earl Of Doncaster Hotel