If you want to DIE laughing then one of our murder mystery nights is for you!

Welcome to our wonderful world of mayhem mystery and suspence! Can you and your guests work out who the murderer was? A gripping evening full of thrills awaits you!

TaleGate Theatre Murder Mystery Evenings aim to give you an evening to die for!

We know everything there is to know about having someone bumped off! From Meet the Mafia, Cluedo, Sherlock Holmes to Murder at the Oscars. All of our evenings contain drama, thrills, laughs, action and above all our evenings are full of fun and laughter!

What more could you ask for?

"As a primary hotel in Doncaster, The Earl Of Doncaster have been working now with James Worthington and TaleGate Theatre Productions for the past two years with them erforming Murder Mysteries and Pantomimes for us at the highest quality. From the first performance to our most recent we have seen a growth of followers and received some excellent feedback from all involved. Both from our working relationships in the past two years and my personal dealings with TaleGate in other establishment over the years I can certainly give a 11 out of 10 and highly recommend to anyone."

Ricky Horan,
The Earl Of Doncaster Hotel

The police are puzzled

There’s been a murder and the police are stumped… It’s up to you and your guests to solve the clues presented to you over a whirlwind three hour evening.

Tuck into mystery

Over a three course meal you will meet ridiculous characters that would give ‘Carry On’ a run for their money!

Everyone has a motive for murder but it’s up to you to decide WHODUNNIT!


Guests will be jumping out of their skins as the action begins! With shocking scenes being performed between each course the acting will be done to death.

The evening is rounded up with questioning and the murderer is caught and locked up before they can make a run for it.

"We have organised a number of events at the hotel with Talegate Theatre over the past 5 years - all their productions are well written and attract great audience participation. A very helpful, well organised company and always on time!”

Julie Humphreys,
Ye Olde Bell Hotel & Restaurant


We have years of experience so your evening will go with a bang.. or a stab… or whatever!

Want a hitman? Send us a message…